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Faculty Publications Database

The Faculty Publication Database is a bibliographic database providing access to research publications of the Faculty of Dentistry since 1990.

This database was derived from the database of Dental Literature relating to Hong Kong, which was initiated in 1992 by our former Dental Librarian. The database includes staff publications from prominent journals and information that are essential to students and research scholars. It comprises over 1000 entries, for which reprints have been sent to the Library by the authors concerned. The database is updated periodically to include new entries. To facilitate users in research studies, the database also includes publications of former staff members of the University.

Please note that not all titles retrieved from this database are housed in the Dental Library. Please check FIND@HKUL to see if the articles are available in HKU Libraries.

View fulltext / View abstract is available under those publications from which direct links can be traced and located.

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