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The closing events of the campaign in China : the operations in the Yang-Tze-Kiang and the treaty of Nanking
Author: Loch, Granville Gower, 1813-1853
Imprint: London: Murray, 1843
Language: English
Extract: pp. 18-23
Description: Hong Kong, May 1842
The history of the London Missionary Society, 1795-1895
Author: Lovett, Richard, 1851-1904
Imprint: London : Henry Frowde, 1899
Language: English
Extract: pp. 451-455
Description: Activities of the London Missionary Society in Hong Kong until 1860
The Hongkong almanack and directory for 1846 : with an appendix
Author: Tarrant, William
Imprint: Hong Kong: Office of the China Mail, 1846
Language: English
Extract: pp. 21-22 & 33-36
Description: The Government of Hong Kong 1846 and list of Chinese traders in Victoria, in the Autumn of 1845
The India directory, or, Directions for sailing to and from the East Indies, China, Australia, and the interjacent ports of Africa and South America ; originally compiled from journals of the honourable company's ships, and from observations and remarks, resulting from the experience of twenty-one years in the navigation of those seas
Author: Horsburgh, James, 1762-1836
Imprint: London: Allen, 1852
Language: English
Extract: Vol. 2, pp. 370-381
Description: Hong Kong and its adjacent islands, 1852
Three years' wanderings in the northern provinces of China, including a visit to the tea, silk, and cotton countries : with an account of the agriculture and horticulture of the Chinese new plants, etc.
Author: Fortune, Robert, 1813-1880
Imprint: London: Murray, 1847
Language: English
Extract: pp. 11-27
Description: Hong Kong, 1843
To China and back : being a diary kept out and home
Author: Smith, Albert
Imprint: London: Egyptian Hall, 1859
Language: English
Extract: pp. 22-54
Description: Hong Kong, August 21, 1858 - September 28, 1858
Two years in China, Narrative of Chinese expeditions from its formation in April, 1840, to the treaty of peace in August, 1842, with an appendix, containing the most important of the general orders & despatches published during the above period
Author: McPherson, Duncan, d. 1867
Imprint: London: Saunders and Otley, 1843
Language: English
Extract: pp. 79-82
Description: Hong Kong, 1841
Wanderings in New South Wales, Batavia, Pedir Coast, Singapore and China: being the journal of a naturalist in those conuntries, during 1832, 1833, and 1834
Author: Bennett, George, 1804-1893
Imprint: London: Richard Bentley, 1834
Language: English
Extract: pp. 18-20
Description: Hong Kong, September 10, 1832
Xianggang dao guan hai shi ge (Journey to Hong Kong)
Author: Wei, Yuan, 1794-1857
Imprint: Beijing : Zhong-hua shu ju, 1976
Language: Chinese
Extract: p. 740-741
Description: Narrative of a journey to Hong Kong by Wei Yuan written in 1847
Xin'an Xian zhi (History of Xin'an county of Guangdong Province)
Author: Shu, Mao-guan, ca. 1793
Imprint: [1819?]
Language: Chinese
Extract: Part 2, p.1-2, 6-7; Part 18, p. 1-2 ; 29 cm
Description: A coastal map of Guangdong showing the vicinity of Hong Kong in the Qing Dynasty
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