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Narrative of the circumnavigation of the globe by the Austrian frigate Novara
Author: Scherzer, Karl, Ritter von, 1821-1903
Imprint: London: Saunders, Otley, and Co., 1862
Language: English
Extract: pp. 355-408
Description: Hong Kong, July 5-18, 1858
Narrative of the expedition of an American squadron to the China Seas and Japan, performed in the years 1852, 1953 and 1854, under the command of Commodore M. C. Perry
Author: Perry, Matthew Calbraith, 1794-1858
Imprint: New York: Appleton, 1856
Language: English
Extract: pp. 157-158
Description: Hong Kong, April 7, 1853
Narrative of the voyage and services of the Nemesis, from 1840 to 1843 : and of the combined naval and military operations in China: comprising a complete account of the colony of Hong Kong, and remarks on the characters and habits of the Chinese from notes of W.H. Hall ; with personal observations
Author: Bernard, William Dallas
Imprint: London: Colburn, 1844
Language: English
Extract: pp. 62-112
Description: Hong Kong, 1844
Observations on the south coast of China and island of Hainan
Author: Dalrymple, Alexander, 1737-1808
Imprint: London : printed by William Ballintine and sold by F. Wingrave, 1806
Language: English
Extract: pp. 17-20
Description: Log book of the ship "London", November 18-22, 1764
Points and pickings of information about China and the Chinese
Author: Old Humphrey, 1787-1854
Imprint: London: Grant and Griffith, 1844
Language: English
Extract: pp. 12-17
Description: Hong Kong, 1844
Rambles in Eastern Asia, including China and Manilla, during several years' residence : with notes of the voyage to China, excursions in Manilla, Hong-kong, Canton, Shanghai, Ningpoo, Amoy, Fouchow, and Macao
Author: Ball, Benjamin Lincoln
Imprint: Boston: James French, 1856
Language: English
Extract: pp. 78-96
Description: Diary of Mr. Ball, August 1848
Recollections of Baron Gros's embassy to China and Japan in 1857-58
Author: Moges, Alfred, Marquis de.
Imprint: London: Richard Griffin, 1860
Language: English
Extract: pp. 65-89
Description: Hong Kong, 1857-58
Reports, minutes and despatches, on the British position and prospects in China
Author: Martin, Robert Montgomery, 1803?-1868
Imprint: London: Harrison, [1846]
Language: English
Extract: pp. 30-32
Description: Memorandum on Hong Kong, for Lord Stanley, November 28, 1845
Shunde Longshan Mei shi jia pu. (History of the Mei family of Shunde)
Imprint: [19--]
Language: Chinese
Extract: [4 pages]
Description: History of the members of the Mei family in the southeast of China
The Canton Chinese : or, The American's sojourn in the celestial empire
Author: Tiffany, Osmond, b. 1823
Imprint: Boston: James Munroe, 1849
Language: English
Extract: pp. 254-261
Description: Hong Kong, 1844
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