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Directions for sailing to and from the East Indies, China. New Holland, Cape of Good Hope, and the interjacent ports, compiled chiefly from original journals at the East India House, and from journals and observations, made during twenty-one years experience navigating in those seas
Author: Horsburgh, James, 1762-1836
Imprint: London : Black Parbury, 1811
Language: English
Extract: Part II, pp. 267-8
Description: Hong Kong and adjacent islands, 1811
Guangdong tong zhi (History of Guangdong Province)
Author: Ruan, Yuan, 1764-1849
Imprint: 1822
Language: Chinese
Extract: Part 83, p. 21-22 & part 130, p. 8
Description: A coastal map of Guangdong showing the vicinity of Hong Kong in the Qing Dynasty
Hai guo wen jian lu (Information about overseas countries)
Author: Chen, Lunjiong, 1703-1730
Imprint: 1744
Language: Chinese
Extract: Part 1, p. 15 & part 2, p. 6
Description: A coastal map of Guangdong showing the vicinity of Hong Kong in the Qing Dynasty.
Hong Kong illustrated in a series of lithographs, delineating the architecture of Victoria, the villages, temples, and picturesque scenery of the island
Author: Bruce, Murdoch
Imprint: [Hong Kong: the author, 1846]
Language: English
Extract: 4 leaves of sketches
Description: Views of Hong Kong, 1846
James Legge : missionary and scholar
Author: Legge, Helen Edith
Imprint: London: Religious Tract Society, 1905
Language: English
Extract: pp. 47-51
Description: Letter by Rev. James Legge, November 13, 1843 to April 8, 1845, from Hong Kong
Jardine, Matheson & Co. afterwards Jardine, Matheson & Co. Limited: an outline of the history of a China House for a hundred years 1832-1932
Imprint: Hong Kong: Privately Printed, 1934
Language: English
Extract: Illustrations facing pages 12, 16, 26, & pp. 26-27
Description: Activities of Jardine, Matheson & Co. in Hong Kong during the 1840s
La Chine et les Chinois
Author: Borget, Auguste, 1808-1877
Imprint: Macau : Aomen wen hua xue hui, 1990
Language: Chinese
Extract: p. 46-52
Description: Translation from the narrative of a journey of Hong Kong in the year of 1838 and 1839 with sketches
La chine et les Chinois, dessins executes d'apres nature
Author: Borget, Auguste, 1808-1877
Imprint: Paris: Goupil & Vibert, [1842]
Language: French
Extract: pp. [2-5]
Description: Hong Kong, August 23, 1838
Life in China
Author: Milne, William Charles, 1815-1863
Imprint: London: Routledge, Warnes, & Routledge, 1861
Language: English
Extract: pp. 438-440
Description: Hong Kong in the 1850s
Narrative of a journey in the interior of China, and of a voyage to and from that country, in the year 1816 and 1817 : containing an account of the most interesting transactions of Lord Amherst's embassy to the court of Pekin, and observations on the countries which it visited
Author: Abel, Clarke, 1780-1826
Imprint: London : Orme and Brown, 1818
Language: English
Extract: pp. 60-63
Description: The Waterfall at Hong Kong, June/July 1816
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