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"Martello Tower" in China, and the Pacific in H. M. S. "Tribune, 1856-60
Author: Norman, Francis Martin
Imprint: London: G. Allen, 1902
Language: English
Extract: pp. 81-98 & 162-183
Description: Hong Kong, 1856-60
A journey to the tea countries of China: including Sung-Lo and the Bohea Hills; with a short notice of the East India Company's tea plantations in the Himalaya mountains
Author: Fortune, Robert, 1813-1880
Imprint: London: Murray, 1852
Language: English
Extract: pp. 1-11
Description: Hong Kong, August 14, 1848
A Memoir of Mrs. Henrietta Shuck : the first American female missionary to China
Author: Jeter, Jeremiah Bell, 1802-1880.
Imprint: Boston: Gould, Kendall & Lincoln, 1846
Language: English
Extract: pp. 178-183
Description: Letter by Mrs. Shuck on May 2, 1842, from Hong Kong
A narrative of an exploratory visit to each of the consular cities of China, and to the islands of Hong Kong and Chusan, in behalf of the Church Missionary Society, in the years 1844, 1845, 1846
Author: Smith, George, Bishop of Victoria, 1815-1871
Imprint: London: Seeley, 1847
Language: English
Extract: pp. 70-84
Description: Hong Kong, December 1844
A voyage to China : including a visit to the Bombay presidency, the Mahratta country, the cave temples of Western India, Singapore, the Straits of Malacca and Sunda, and the Cape of Good Hope
Author: Berncastle, Julius
Imprint: London: Shoberl, 1851
Language: English
Extract: pp. 30-51
Description: Hong Kong, 1849
An aide-de-camp's recollections of service in China, a residence in Hong Kong, and visits to other islands in the Chinese seas
Author: Cunynghame, Arthur Augustus Thurlow, Sir, 1812-1884
Imprint: London: Saunders and Otely, 1844
Language: English
Extract: Vol. 2, pp. 71-92
Description: Hong Kong, 1843
China and the Chinese: their religion, character, customs and manufactures
Author: Sirr, Henry Charles, 1807-1872
Imprint: London: Orr, 1849
Language: English
Extract: pp. 1-39
Description: Hong Kong, 1848
China war, 1860 : letters and journal
Author: Allgood, George
Imprint: London: Longmans, Green, and Co., 1901
Language: English
Extract: pp. 16-30
Description: Letters from Hong Kong, April 14 & 24, 1860
China, in a series of views, displaying the scenery, architecture, and social habits of that ancient empire
Author: Allom, Thomas, 1804-1872
Imprint: London: Fisher, 1843
Language: English
Extract: Vol. 1, pp.17-19 & 33-35, Vol. 2, pp. 40-41 & 48
Description: Hong Kong, 1841
Chinese repository
Imprint: Canton: Printed for the proprietors, 1832-1851
Language: English
Extract: Vol. 14, p. 291-298
Description: Notices of Hong Kong: situation, shape and extent of the island, 1843
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