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Search Hints

There are two methods of searching this database.
Browsing - will allow the user to browse all the records in alphabetical order by title. Buttons for these browse function are in the top menu bar.
Keyword Search - will allow the user to search on all fields (Title, Author, Imprint, Language, Description, Fulltext of extract), or choose only one field to search on. The search features below are supported. After using keyword search, users will see a list of record for that particular search term or string. Clicking on the icon at "View Extract" field will allow the user to view it in full image.
 Some Search Concepts  
Keyword Searching- refers to the ability to search on any word in a particular field. For example in, "A journey to the tea countries of China", the word "tea" is the 5th word. However keyword searches allow a user to search on "tea," and still retrieve this record.
Case Insensitivity - is used throughout all the indexes. Therefore searches on "tea" or "Tea" will retrieve the same results.
Record Display

Fields: The fields of record in this display are,

  • Title : Shows the title of the work.
  • Author : Shows the author of the work.
  • Imprint : Shows the place, publisher & year of publication.
  • Language : Shows the language of the work.
  • Extract : Shows pages of the work that contain relevant information.
  • Description : Shows the description of the extract.
  • View Extract : Clickable icon for users to view the full image of the extract through the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
For questions and comments about this database, please contact Special Collections'.
Warning :Licences prohibit excessive downloading